Stan Goodenough

Stan Goodenough

Stan is a South African gentile who for three decades has called Israel home.  He is married to a Czech national, Frantiska, and the couple have seven Jerusalem-born children, three of whom were granted Israeli citizenship after completing their service in the IDF.  The rest of the family are permanent residents.

A news journalist by profession, Stan has worked as an accredited tour guide for the last 11 years, using Scripture and the geography and history of the Land and People of Israel to teach Christians about the ever-relevant centrality of this nation to the Bible and to our faith.

Before moving to Israel, Stan was a political reporter for the South African newspaper, the Daily Dispatch, during the final years of the apartheid era.  In 1991 he joined the staff of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), serving as editor of the monthly Middle East Intelligence Digest and helping launch the online ICEJ News Service in the earliest days of the Internet age. In this capacity, he was in Madrid, Spain to cover the first international Middle East Peace Conference, and since then has extensively reported on the “land-for-peace process” as it has passed through its stages, from Oslo to Annapolis and beyond.

“Whether writing or guiding,” says Stan, “my prayerful purpose is to communicate primarily to Christians a Bible-based understanding of how the LORD works in and through the realm of politics to restore Israel and prepare the way for the Messiah’s reign.”

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