1.5 Million Arab Israelis on the Edge

A growing number of Israeli Arabs are no longer willing to vote for Arab parties that only espouse hate for Israel

By David Lazarus | | Topics: Israeli Arabs, Election
Photo: Flash90

Hoping to bring out the Israeli Arabs to vote for their party in the September 17 election, the Joint Arab List held a rally in Tel-Aviv this week under the banner “A United Struggle for a United Future.” 

But what exactly is the party offering Israel’s Arab citizens?  Israeli Arab society is dealing with many hardships. Many Arab towns and villages are the poorest in Israel. And there are burning social issues like unrestrained violence and crime, as well as the social estrangement that divides Arabs and Jews in Israeli society. 

What did the Joint Arab List that claims to represent Arab Israelis from all walks of life offer to deal with these crucial and ready-to-boil-over issues? Nothing! Not one word was mentioned as to how any of these burning topics would be addressed.

What the party did offer in all of their speeches is that the Joint Arab List will continue its “struggle against the occupation” and against the State of Israel that “rules with murderous brutality.” 

The only concern the Joint Arab List has is to fight against Israel and the defense blockade around Gaza preventing more missiles from being smuggled into the Hamas enclave, and even for the untenable “right of return” of millions of Palestinians to Tel-Aviv, Haifa and central Israel. 

Like a Trojan Horse, these political charlatans want to be members of Israel’s Knesset so that they can represent the enemies who want to destroy Israel, rather than offer a way forward for Israeli Arabs to improve their lives as well-rounded, successful citizens of the Jewish state.

They oppose, incite and try to destroy any opportunity or chance for Arabs and Jews to live together side-by-side in Israel. 

During the election on April 9, due to historically-low turnout among Arab voters, Arab political parties in Israel narrowly escaped a catastrophic defeat at the polls that nearly saw them miss the electoral threshold and lose their place in the Knesset. Many Israeli Arabs boycott national elections in protest because of their deep-seated anti-Israel hatred.

In response to the Joint List’s mutinous and counterproductive proposals, other voices are coming out from more rational, moderate and younger Arab Israelis who have experienced the blessings of Israel and reject the radical anti-Israel agenda of the Joint Arab List. And they will cast their vote for a true joint struggle to bring about a better joint future for Arab and Jew.

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