A Day After Trump’s Visit, All Hell Breaks Loose on the Temple Mount

Jews saw Trump’s visit as statement of support for Jewish sovereignty; Muslims reacted violently

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President Trump made a big statement by visiting the Western Wall while in Jerusalem this week.

And that statement was that the site is indeed one holy to Jews (and, by extension, Christians).

It was a major repudiation of Muslim claims that the Temple Mount is holy only to Islam and that the Jews have no connection to it. (Never mind that the New Testament speaks repeatedly of the JEWISH Temple Mount.)

And just a day after Trump left the region, Muslims responded to his statement by attacking Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount.

A group of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount attempted to assert their right to pray there, and were immediately and violently attacked by Muslims.

Israeli police removed the Jewish group and arrested three of the Muslims.

Throughout the incident, Muslims can be seen cursing Jews for daring to enter the Temple Mount, which is today occupied by Islamic shrines.

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