MembersAl Morah – Do Not Fear

I have a family in which four men love the extreme. My husband and three boys kite surf and absolutely love to ski.

Photo: Israel Today

Every time winter is near, they ask, “Where we will go this year for skiing?” Inside I shudder. The extreme is not for me. The thought of surfing paralyzes me and skiing even more.


But every year they refuse to go without me. So each winter I find myself again in the mountains; and in a rented ski outfit, shoes, skis and poles, I bravely present myself to the instructor. I cry out with fear as I start moving too fast, falling again and again in the snow, because I don’t know how to come to a stop. My entire body hurts and I am a crying, laughingstock of a figure.


Before the start of the latest season I said to myself: Enough! I decided that this year I would not get entangled in the crowds of skiers racing down the mountains. Instead I would...

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