An Enemy Even More Dangerous Than ISIS

As an Israeli who has lived through more war than I care to recall, I plead with you, unite against the real enemy

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To all my dear friends feeling the need to blame President Obama for the Mideast violence, the rise of ISIS and the spread of Islamic terror around the world. Beware. This is an illegitimate tactic that is undermining your own nation, and does nothing to prevent further violence. 

Have we not had every possible kind of government and prime minister here in Israel over the past sixty years, and no one has been able to completely stop terror? This may be difficult for you to hear, but Islamic violence is not going away any time soon. This is not a Democratic, Republican or even American problem, it is a war of civilizations and a religious battle.

Have you ever considered that blaming your own nation’s leaders unintentionally justifies the terrorists by putting the blame for these insane, bloodthirsty murderers on someone else?

Why is it that no one wanted to accuse President Bush’s policies for what happened on 9/11?  It is because the culprit is not a president or a policy. It is because when your nation is attacked you unite against the enemy, you don’t blame each other.

It is because neither Republicans nor Democrats can prevent Islamic violence. Blaming your own government only divides you, and weakens your ability to deal with the enemy. Using the beheadings and mass murders of women and children by radical, hate filled Muslims to get your candidate elected, harms your own cause.

As an Israeli who has lived through more war and terror than I care to recall, I plead with you, stop blaming your own people and stand united against the real enemy. 

Do not fret. Evil will not succeed in the end of the day. Radical Muslims are only digging a deeper grave for themselves. People or nations committed to hatred, destruction, violence and lies do not have a future. They build nothing, they only tear down. You need to be strong and confident in faith in what is good. You need courage to fight your enemies, not your own people.

I remember hearing similar criticism of my own government just before Rabin was assassinated. I understand your frustrations with Obama and Clinton, and your passion about the need for good government. God willing, someday we may get some reprieve from this modern day global Islamic  pestilence. What we cannot  get away from is learning to live with one another. 

Beware of the enemy within that can divide, and conquer you, before it’s too late. For in the long run, it is a far more lethal danger.

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