ANALYSIS: Iran and Israel Preparing for Multi-Front War

Iran continues to use proxies against Israel, but the possibility of a direct conflict is growing with each passing day

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Iranian leaders stepped up their war of words against Israel and the United States over the weekend while new information shows both the Israel Defense Forces and the Islamic Republic are actively preparing for a multi-front war in Israel.

The new war of words started when Iran’s so-called moderate president Hassan Rouhani toldparticipants in an Islamic conference that Israel was a “cancerous tumor” and “a fake regime” founded by Western nations.

While calling upon the Islamic world to establish a “joint force” that could win the “battle against criminals”  Rouhani claimed Israel had killed and displaced the (non-existing) “historic nation of Palestine.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu responded to Rouhani’s belligerent rhetoric by warning Iran that Israel knows how to defend itself against the “murderous Iranian regime”.

His statement drew a prolonged response by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who on Sunday claimed “the Zionist regime is clearly weaker than 10 and 20 years ago,” while bragging Hezbollah and Hamas had won the wars in 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014 and in 2018 during what he called “the two-day war”.

On Monday, Khamenei again used his Twitter account to blast the United States and Israel.

The Iranian dictator wished Israel and the U.S. “to hell” and predicted the victory of “the resistance”.

“ To hell with the U.S. and Zionist regime for threatening the Iranian nation. Their threats and atrocities have so far failed and will continue to fail; the sanctions will also be defeated by the grace of resistance,” Kkamenei’s tweet stated.

Rouhani’s remarks drew the condemnation of both the U.S. and the European Union (EU) which saidin a statement that the Iranian president’s remarks “were totally unacceptable” while reassuring Israel that the 28-nation bloc would remain fundamentally committed to the security of the Jewish state.

The EU also seemed to admit for the first time that Iran is a real threat to Middle Eastern countries and Israel in particular when it said that there are “current and emerging threats in the region.”

New information indeed underscores the scope of Iran’s threat to stability in the Middle East and to the existence of the State of Israel.

The Syrian news site Zamanalwsl keeps track of Iran’s belligerent activities in Syria and on Tuesday reported that the Iranians together with the regime of dictator Bashar al-Assad are reconstructing military facilities which had been destroyed by the Israeli air force (IAF).

One of these facilities is the headquarters of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps near the international airport of Damascus.

The Iranian regime is spending a huge amount of money in Syria where it has established a 80,000 member strong Shiite brigade which aims to ‘liberate’ the Israeli Golan Heights.

According to various sources the Mullah’s spent between $15 and $20 billion annually in Syria in order to realize their dream of a Shiite crescent and to achieve their ultimate goal: the annihilation of Israel.

The Islamist regime in Tehran is also heavily involved in a project that aims to change the demographic situation along the border with Israel where until recently Sunni rebel groups were controlling the region.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported on Sunday that the Assad regime has issued Syrian citizenship to hundreds of thousands  Iranians and foreign Shiite fighters who fought alongside with the Syrian army during the prolonged offensive which restored Assad’s control over two-thirds of the country.

These Iranians, most of them members of the Quds Force, as well as Shiite fighters and their families are settled in the houses of displaced Sunni Syrians who were deported to the predominantly Sunni province Idlib in northern Syria under so-called reconciliation deals. 

Those who wished to remain in their hometowns are now one by one murdered by the Syrian regime the news site Syria Direct reported from Daraa.

The silent ethnic cleansing in southern Syria “contravenes the understandings reached between Israel and Russia this year, according to which the Iranian and Shi’ite forces must withdraw from southern Syria. The issuance of identity cards to these fighters may be aimed at enabling them to stay there, ostensibly without violating the understandings,” according to MEMRI.

There’s more.

Hezbollah, which became an integral part of the Syrian military in the beginning of 2017, is currently building scores of military facilities and training camps near the border with Lebanon.

The facilities also house members of the Iranian Quds Force which is commanded by Qassem Soleimani the man who oversaw virtually every major battle in Iraq and Syria in recent years.

Hossein Salami the deputy commander of the IRGC openly admits that the Quds Force together with the so-called Basij militia, a division of the IRGC which had been operating in Iran only until now, are heavily involved in Syria and other Arab countries where Iran tries to expand the Islamic Revolution.

‘Today, the branches of the strong tree of Basij are empowered in the Islamic countries, defeating the sinister goals of the US, Israel and al-Saud,’ Salami told members of the IRGC in Tehran on Sunday. 

The IRGC commander also claimed that Iran has become so powerful that it has the ability to “chase the enemy, if necessary, and inflict an unforgettable defeat on it.”

As for the southern front in Israel, there too Iran continues its military build-up.

 As we reported earlier this month, Iran was most likely behind the one-day war in southern Israel which started when Hamas took a page out of Hezbollah’s playbook for wars and targeted an Israeli bus with a Kornet anti-tank missile.

The attack on the bus, which had unloaded a group of 50 IDF soldiers minutes before it exploded, was followed by an unprecedented missile offensive against civilian targets in southern Israel.

The Hebrew language news site Walla in Israel now reported that ISIS-branch Wilayat Sinai had intercepted a new shipment of Iranian Kornet anti-tank missiles and other GPS guided weaponry bound for Gaza.

Wilayat Sinai refuses to hand over the weapons to Hamas and could use them in the continuing battle against the Egyptian army or against the IDF in the future.

The Israeli army is now conducting a massive drill in preparation for a multi-front war according to  reports in the Israeli media on Sunday while the US military is reportedly building up a large mainly Kurdish proxy force which will be used to curb Iran’s presence in Syria.


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