Another Motorized Vehicle Hits the Sidewalks

The sidewalks in the Tel Aviv metropolis are already crowded, not only with pedestrians, but also joggers, skateboarders, baby carriages and more and more electric bicycles.

By Israel Today Staff |
Photo: Inokim YouTube

Israeli developers have now added yet another way for people to get around without walking—an electric scooter called Inokim.

The battery-operated, two-wheeled scooter is designed especially for commuters traveling by bus or train to work. With its light weight and easy fold up, the scooter makes it easy to jump on and off a train or bus and then glide over to your destination. The scooter runs on a lithium battery and has a range of up to 18 miles (30 kilometers) before recharging.

With attractive and multi-color design options, the electric scooter is popular among young professionals. It comes with a transport bag and smart phone app that includes anti-theft protection and a social network for Inokim users.

The company has locations worldwide, including China, Korea, Finland and New Zealand. With the already overcrowded Israeli sidewalks, some are hoping the company will be shipping as many of these as possible overseas!

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