Anti-Israel Activists Exposed as Antisemites

Is desecrating memorials to Holocaust victims a legitimate means of criticizing Israel?

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: BDS, Holocaust

Israel’s most vocal critics like to stress that they aren’t antisemitic, they just disagree, strongly, with the policies of the Jewish state. Opposing a country’s policies is politics, not racism, and thus totally legitimate, they insist.

Of course, given Israel’s history and the events leading up to the rebirth of the Jewish state, the situation’s not so simple.

What is simple is the fact that today’s anti-Zionism has clearly crossed the line into antisemitism (a line that shouldn’t exist in the first place, but that’s a different article).

Demonstrating that one can’t really be anti-Zionist without also being antisemitic, activists with the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement at the weekend defaced memorials placed for Jewish victims of the Holocaust in the German city of Cologne.

These little brass tiles are called stolpersteine (literally “stumbling blocks”) and each is inscribed with the name of a local Jew who was taken away and exterminated by the Nazis. (See: Insignificantly Small, Enormously Powerful) These people had nothing to do with the modern State of Israel or its policies, because they were brutally murdered years before its establishment. Like the Nazis, these BDS activists targeted these Jews, or the memory of them, simply because they were Jewish.

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