Aussie Band in Israel

The Australian rock duo Air Supply returned to Israel for the fourth time with performances in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa.

By Israel Today Staff |
Air Supply
DYNAMIC DUO: Air Supply was a breath of fresh air in an atmosphere polluted by wildfires

The Haifa performance was postponed because of the devastating fire that swept through the city (see pages 3, 19-21). The twosome came up with a nice gesture for the delayed concert: They distributed 200 free tickets to the wives of firefighters for a performance while their husbands were risking their lives day and night battling the flames.

“The married women have been through a difficult time, so Air Supply invited them to an evening of good music and lots of fun,” said concert producer Dudi Berkowitz.

At their first concert in Tel Aviv, singer Russel Hitchcock belted out the numbers with fervor, while guitarist Graham Russel rocked over 7,000 fans with hits like Here I AM, Making Love and Sweet Dreams.

The second concert in Jerusalem was also well received, but the performance in Haifa in the wake of the tragedy was particularly buoyant. Air Supply provided residents with a much needed breath of fresh air in the smoke laden and devastated city.

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