Bats Not Behind COVID-19, Insist Israeli Biologists

Meanwhile, most Israelis, like people everywhere, are blaming bats, especially in light of modern “prophecies”

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Coronavirus
Bats are not to blame, insist Israeli biologists
Illustration. Photo: Moshe Shai/Flash90

A team of biologists at Tel Aviv University (TAU) are trying to dispel the widespread notion that COVID-19 came to humans via bats, most likely in China.

“Up until now there is no evidence to show a connection between bats and COVID-19,” Maya Weinberg, a PhD candidate at TAU’s Garden for Zoological Research, told The Media Line.

“The way in which the scientific community echoed this theory was simply outrageous,” she added.

A leading theory, at least among the worldwide public, is that a researcher or researchers at a lab in Wuhan, China became infected with COVID-19 through contact with bats and inadvertently caused a global outbreak. Others believe the virus was intentionally created and unleashed on the world.

Weinberg explained that it is uncommon to see a pandemic among bats as they demonstrate the unique characteristic of self-isolating when they become sick. Still, she acknowledged that humans could be infected through contact with a sick bat, especially if it is carrying a virus for which we have no defenses.

The charge against bats as the instigators of the COVID-19 pandemic was strengthened in Israel after it came to light that a number of local Jewish authors had predicted (prophesied?) our precise predicament years and even decades earlier. See: Are There Jewish Prophecies About Coronavirus?

Hamutal Shabtai, a psychiatrist and the daughter of famed Israeli author Ya’akov Shabtai, wrote a fictional script in 1986-87 about a virus that would cause the deaths of thousands of people around the world. The year 2020 was set by Shabtai as the time at which the world would suffer this plague, and she spoke of widespread lockdowns and a totalitarian system, a global health dictatorship.

Just five years ago, Shlomit Miron authored a book called Moratorium in which she described a virus borne by bats that would come out of Asia and destroy humanity.

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