MembersFrom Judaism to Christianity: LIVE tour of Caesarea

Loved by Israelis and tourists alike, Caesarea tells the story of faith in the Messiah of Israel expanding to the Gentile world

By Israel Today Staff |
Photo: creative commons

Caesarea Virtual Tour

Did you miss our second interactive virtual tour as we experienced the magnificent ancient port city of Caesarea and its pivotal role in the birth of Christianity from the womb of Judaism?

Watch a recording of the Member’s Event below and join us for …

  • A walkthrough of the opulent Roman capital of the Province of Judea during the times of Jesus;
  • An exploration of the hidden stories of Simon Peter, the Apostle PaulPontius Pilate and Cornelius;
  • A look at Caesarea’s connection to the Fathers of the Church and the Great Revolt that ended in 2000 years of tragic exile for the “wandering Jews.”

Join us as we explore and experience Caesarea.

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