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MembersChristians, Jews…We All Live in Bubbles

When we are surrounded only by those who think like we do, how can we reach those who don’t?

We all live in a bubble - Jews, Christians and Messianic Jews.
Photo: Nati Shohat/FLASH90

People live in bubbles. This is more or less true for most of us. If we initially thought that social networks would again bring people together, in my opinion, they simply inflate even more the bubbles in which we live.

On the Internet people seek contact with those who think as they do. They share their thoughts and ideas, their desires and their beliefs. This is taken care of by algorithms, which filter out for us exactly those things that we are interested in. The algorithms learn quickly. Through our searches we reveal to them what we like.

Thus, we as users become isolated, as if in a bubble, from which we often obtain a distorted picture of reality.


Are we missing out on reality?

Right-wing users often only interact on the Internet in circles with similarly minded people, and the same is also true for the left-wing, who are almost totally surrounded by similar views on the net.

The same thing applies to believing Jews and Christians, who are concerned with God and the Bible to...

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