Chutzpa! Formerly-Jewish Store Pulls Israeli Products

Europe’s largest store says products from Judea, Samaria and Golan aren’t ‘Made in Israel’

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The largest department store in continental Europe has pulled from its shelves any product marked “Made in Israel” that has any manufacturing connection to Judea, Samaria or the Golan Heights.

Spokesmen for KaDeWe (Kaufhaus des Westens) said the decision was in accordance with the European Union’s ruling that products from these areas be marked as coming from “occupied Palestine.”

As soon as the proper labeling is added, the store promised to return the Israeli products to its shelves.

What makes this move so infuriating to many is that KaDeWe started out as a Jewish-owned store that was stolen from its original proprietors by the Nazis.

KaDeWe was founded in the heart of Berlin in 1905 by Jewish businessman Adolf Jandorf. In 1927, it was purchased by another Jewish businessman, Hermann Tietz, who transformed KaDeWe into Europe’s premier shopping experience.

But just six years later, the Nazis enacted their race laws that prohibited Jews from owning businesses, and Hermann Tietz’s company, including KaDeWe, was handed over to more “Aryan” owners.

If you, dear reader, find this offensive, then it’s time to show the Israeli and worldwide Jewish market that you stand with them.

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