COVID Vaccine is an “Angel From God”

In chat with Israel Today readers, Rabbi Yehudah Glick says people are asking the wrong questions about the Corona crisis

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Coronavirus, Vaccine
Is the COVID vaccine a blessing or a curse?
Photo: David Cohen/Flash90

Israel Today had the privilege of hosting Rabbi Yehudah Glick for a live Zoom chat with our readers on Wednesday, during which he discussed a wide range of hot topics affecting the Jewish state.

One of those topics, of course, was the Coronavirus, and in particular Israel’s campaign to encourage (some would argue “coerce”) the remainder of the population to get vaccinated.

Well over half of all eligible Israelis have happily volunteered to be inoculated. But the vaccination drive has slowed considerably in recent weeks, and local movements that reject either the vaccine itself or the “green passport” policy are now making their voices heard. (See: A Two-Class Society?)

Rabbi Glick avoided descending into the mire of that controversy, but did describe the vaccine, though made by human hands, as divine assistance.

“The vaccine is an angel from God,” said Glick. “People think that an angel is something with wings. No, an angel is something doing the mission of God. He gave us the ability to develop things, including this vaccine. And so we refer to it as a blessing, and as an angel of God.”

The rabbi added that the real questions we should be asking are, “What did we take from this past year? Did we learn anything? Are we the same people we were a year ago?”

For the answers to those questions, or at least some direction on how to evaluate them, watch the full recording of the interview below.

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