MembersDefine Your Dogma! Part 1 – What Jews Can Learn from Christians

Figuring out why we think the way we do and what to do about it

By Solomon Kirsch | | Topics: Religion Meets Philosophy
Photo: Noam Revkin/Flash90

It is wise and useful for one to understand and establish a worldview, even if it may not always be polished, defined or partial. My worldview is religious and spiritual, and in my efforts to understand my own worldview I realized it is composed of a number of aspects. Some I can see and know, but even these only in part.

I have come to realize that I see the world, my world, through a Judaism that is Post-Evangelical, Post-Modern, Religiously Existential, Philosophically Religious, Neo-Hasidic and Neo-Orthodox. As I try to put together these thoughts and point out the various components that make up my worldview, I associate each with a particular thinker. Not that my views represent them accurately, nor am I trying to describe them comprehensively, but rather I am attempting to formulate my views by associating with known thinkers and how I interpret and incorporate their ideas into my life.

Perhaps these musings will inspire others to reflect on why we think, believe and see the world in the way we do, in...

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