MembersReligious Philosophy: Finding Faith in Our Existential Crisis

Lev Shestov offers a provocative and daring challenge to complacent familiarity with the Bible and unchallenged traditional understanding of faith

By Solomon Kirsch | | Topics: Religion Meets Philosophy
Illustration. Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90

Must faith reject modern man’s philosophical search for meaning? Can attempts to understand the meaning of existence with rational thinking contribute to religious faith? What can religion learn from philosophy, and philosophy from faith?

These are some of the questions a 20th century classic existentialist named Lev Shestov tried answer in an approach to connecting faith with reason that he calls Religious Philosophy.

We saw in our last discussion how the inescapable realities of anxiety and death force us to let go of our rationalistic inclinations, face the paradoxes of life with courage and find meaning in an existential world.

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When approaching the subject of God, we find that faith requires trusting and confiding in God without any prior certainty as to where that path might take us or what earthly outcome our beliefs may entail. A limitless God may at any point call, order, or ask us to leave everything, like...

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