Desert Foxes Born in Israel

Four fennec foxes were born at the Ramat Gan Safari just outside Tel Aviv.

By Israel Today Staff |

The mother of the four darling big-eared kits is Penny, who “immigrated” to Israel five years ago from the UK. The father is a French fennec called Louie who came to the Safari four years ago.

Fennecs are the smallest of all foxes and live in the deserts of North Africa where they prefer the hot and dry climate, so they adapt well in Israel. They feed on insects and plants and normally survive in captivity for up to 14 years.

The Ramat Gan park is the next best thing to a safari in Africa. Visitors can drive through the facility to view larger animals roaming free, including lions, rhinos and hippopotami. There is also a walk-through zoo for smaller animals with over 100 different species.

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