MembersDigital Media: The Battle Was Won. Time to Move On

It’s time for those who want to continue influencing public opinion to join the modern era

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Photo: Kobi Gideon / FLASH90

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, local newspaper The Times-Picayune was the only publication able to keep residents informed during those first four harrowing days (when newspapers were unable to be printed or delivered) thanks to its functioning website. For many, that was a turning point for a print media industry that until then had been hesitant to “go digital.” It’s true that many publications maintain printed editions, but in most cases these exist today only to satisfy a shrinking audience of those for whom reading news from a screen, rather than a piece of paper in their hands, seems like an act of sacrilege.

We’re not saying that when the last of those die-hard print customers die, that all print publications will die with them. But when it comes to newspapers and magazines, those with the best chances of surviving the digital revolution will be focused on very specific niche audiences. Think luxury markets, where demand will remain for glitzy printed magazines. As for the rest of the industry with its ever-shortening news...

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