Tsvi Sadan

Tsvi Sadan

Born and grew up in a Kibbutz, Tsvi Sadan is a Sabra who passed through the many changes Israel underwent since the Six Days War, that signed the beginning of the great divide which characterizes Israeli society today.

Tsvi holds a Ph.D. in the history of the people of Israel from the Hebrew University.

In 2008 he published his first book, Flesh of Our Flesh: Jesus of Nazareth in Zionist Thought. In 2012 he published his second book, The Concealed Light: Names of Messiah in Jewish Sources, published in German under the title Die 100 Namen des Messias.

Dr. Sadan has also written many articles, both in Hebrew and English, on a wide range of issues, including Zionism, Judaism, Jewish-Christian relations, Modern anti-Semitism and its causes, New Testament and more.

Dr. Sadan and his wife reside in Tel Aviv where he continues to write, mainly for Israel Today, about Israeli culture, society, politics and religion. Tsvi’s intimate knowledge with contemporary Israeli society makes him an invaluable contributor for Israel Today. His in-depth articles give a rare insiders’ view of Israel today.

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