MembersDoes Islam Support a Jewish State?

It may surprise many to learn that there are some Muslim purists whose literal reading and interpretation of the Koran leads them to support the return of Jewish rule to the Holy Land.

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‘THERE IS A DIVINE PROMISE that the Jews will return to their land’ (Muad Odeh) Photo: Foto: Nir Alon

There are two streams in Islam that hold this worldview, the larger Ahmadiyya movement with tens of millions of followers worldwide, and the smaller Korani sect, which is indigenous to Israel and surrounding countries.

To shed light on these movements, which are branded as heretical by mainstream Islam, Israel Today spoke to the local secretary of the Ahmadiyya movement, Muad Odeh, and one of the more outspoken Korani activists, Sara Zoabi.


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Muad Odeh: Our community was founded in 1929, following a visit by an Ahmadi emissary from India [where the movement was founded]. He was invited by the Odeh...

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