Examples of How the World Downplays Tel Aviv Terror Attack

In the aftermath of Wednesday’s murderous terror attack, in a restaurant in Tel Aviv, read about how the Mainstream Media reported it.

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The CNN headlines reported on the terror attack and remarked that Two “terrorists” were arrested. The tabloid resorted to referring to the perpetrators of the attack as “terrorists” in inverted commas. The fact that, at the time of reporting, 3 people had been murdered in the attack was relegated to small print below one of the photographs.

The BBC headlines simply called the terror attack “Tel Aviv Shooting”. At least they did include that 3 people had been killed in the “shooting incident” but left the interpretation of the “shooting incident” open to the interpretation of their readers.

Sky News headlines correctly called the attack a “Mass Shooting In Tel Aviv” and once again the description that it was “a harsh terror attack” was kept to the fine print below one of the photographs.

The Guardian headlines simply referred to the murderous attack as “Three Dead in Tel Aviv Market Shooting”. The report went on to report that the “two shooters were shot and disarmed by police” without any mention that it was a terror attack.

Screenshot of The Guardian headlines

Many of the other mainstream tabloids headlines downplayed the severity and perpetrators of the murderous terror a ttack in Tel Aviv!

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