Faith: Where the Church Went Wrong Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Faith: Where the Church Went Wrong

What is biblical faith and what do Christians not understand about the faith of the Hebrews?


Part 6 in a series on Athens or Jerusalem: Establishing the Spiritual Heritage of Jesus’ Followers

In Christianity, there almost seems to be a fixation with other worldliness, so much so that the Church needs to be brought back into a more biblical balance and return to being concerned about what happens right here today in this world.

From its beginnings, Christianity has tended to view “spirituality” as an otherworldly, ascetic pietism. We have been taught to believe that a “spiritual” person is one who prays hours every day, has their “eyes” heavenward and focused on the joys of the world to come. To live a spiritual lifestyle is often thought of as an ability to detach oneself from this present world and live in a higher, more exalted dimension. A truly spiritual person in much of Christianity should be consumed with winning souls to join them in an eternal future in the Kingdom of God. They should not get overly involved in other activities in this...