From Texas With Love Tzon-El-Farm

From Texas With Love

How does a self-professed “extremely introverted” Messianic Jewish boy from Corpus Christi, Texas survive on an Israeli farm for close to 40 years? Only with God’s help.

That’s the story of Tal Ellis and his Tzon-El, or Flock of God goat farm in the hills of Galilee. When Tal had a revelation that Jesus is the Messiah for Jewish people, too, his new Christian friends told him to forget about “that Jewish stuff, Israel is no different than any other nation.” But, after visiting a Messianic conference, this quiet, bashful young man who lived with alligators in his bedroom (that’s a thing in Texas) left the US and made aliyah (immigrated) to Israel in 1978. It was his first time outside of Texas. Like so many American…