Gay Couple Wins Case Against Jerusalem Pizzeria

Israel Today speaks to religious pizzeria owner who decries being exploited by those pushing the gay agenda

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A gay couple who claimed that a Jerusalem pizzeria refused to serve them last summer has won their lawsuit against the restaurant. Ben Yehuda Pizza (pictured) must pay 16,000 NIS ($4,400) in damages to Sammy Kanter, a homosexual who told the pizzeria owner that he is a rabbinical student.

In a conversation with the store owner, Israel Today learned that the gay couple were not from Israel. They had come from overseas to take part in last summer’s Gay Pride weekend events in Jerusalem. “They came to my pizzeria on Friday afternoon, just before we were about to close for the Sabbath,” the owner said. “They were all pumped up and still dressed up from their parade,” he added.

“After we entered the shop," Kanter wrote to The Jerusalem Post, “the employee greeted us and handed out menus. Immediately, his demeanor shifted after looking at my (gay pride) shirt. He asked if I was gay. After responding ‘Yes,’ he simply said, 'Get out.’”

The owner of the pizzeria insists that he serves his pizza to everyone with joy and would never refuse anyone. “This is my business and my livelihood. I love serving the people of this city,” he said. He is also an Orthodox Jew and wonders how a homosexual man can be studying to become a rabbi. “They came to Israel to stir up trouble. They had an agenda and it’s too bad the courts go along with it,” he lamented.

Last year, a pair of lesbians tried to reserve a “wedding” reception at the Messianic Guest House at Yad Hashmonah just outside of Jerusalem. When the Guest House refused, the gay couple sued, won the court case, and were awarded a substantial financial reward. At the time, many claimed that the court was biased against the Messianic group and was punishing them for not allowing the gay reception.

However, the fact that this pizzeria owner also lost his case demonstrates that the issue isn't discrimination against Messianics, but rather a progressive leaning toward the homosexual agenda.

For the Messianic Guest House, it was for faith and conscious that they refused the gay reception, and the courts would not honor their beliefs. In the case of the pizzeria, the court sided with a homosexual couple who came to Israel to promote their gay rights agenda – whereby a so-called “homosexual rabbi” was able to antagonize a hard-working Orthodox Jew and get rewarded. Only in Israel.


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