Hamas Not Enamored By Pending Condemnation At The UN

The Hamas terrorist organization has called on Palestinian and Arab organizations to help fight against a possible condemnation by the UN General Assembly.

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This Thursday, December 6th, a United States resolution will be put to the vote in the UN General Assembly condemning Hamas rocket attacks on Israel and calling for an end to violence.

The United States has succeeded in winning over support from all 28 member states of the European Union to support the resolution, after incorporating other relevant UN resolutions, but without referring to a two-state solution.

US delegation leader Nikki Haley, who is leaving her position at the end of the year, said that the resolution was not in support of a specific peace plan. Any country would be free to vote for or against the activities of Hamas, as well as other terrorist groups such as Islamic Jihad, the US delegation said.

“If the United Nations fails to accept this resolution, they have no right to participate in any future peace negotiations,” the delegation said.

Hamas is now trying to thwart the impending condemning vote. As early as last week, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyah sent a letter to the General Assembly in which he complained about the planned vote. International law would allow all Palestinian organizations to use any means to fight against Israel until “Palestine from the River to the Sea is liberated” he stated.

Israel UN Ambassador Danny Danon sees the Thursday vote as a historic opportunity to condemn Hamas. “Any country voting against condemning Hamas should not later turn to the United Nations if they become victims of a terror attack,” Danon said at the annual IAC conference, which took place this past weekend in Miami, Florida.

“We talked to Ambassadors from around the world and explained the importance of their support,” Danon continued. “We have created a broad consensus in the United Nations regarding Hamas, and that is a great achievement for us.”

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