Has Christian Liberalism Harmed Support for Israel? AP

Has Christian Liberalism Harmed Support for Israel?

After Christians initially aided Israel’s rebirth, a new biblical illiteracy has turned many against the Jewish state


As a younger generation of Evangelicals, the so-called “millennials,” have come of age and taken their place among the Church leadership, many of the more traditional and conservative doctrines—like viewing modern Israel as a fulfillment of biblical prophecy—have fallen out of favor or been renounced altogether.

Christian author Dale Hanson Bourke offered an explanation for this in her 2014 article How Millennial Evangelicals See the Israel-Palestine Conflict.

“Younger Evangelicals have grown up in ‘seeker-friendly churches’ where sermons are more often about relationships and practical matters of faith and youth groups are oriented toward service and fun, not indoctrination,” Bourke explained. “As a result, younger Evangelicals value ‘living out their faith’ and are less interested in—and educated about—theology, prophecy and biblical exegesis.”

Many Christians still support Israel, but it has become a much more partisan issue than in decades past.