How Can the UN Investigate Gaza Deaths When It Refuses to Acknowledge the Obvious?

UN Security Council draft statement calling for investigation into Gaza deaths is already blatantly biased

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Like a broken record, the United Nations Security Council has called for an independent investigation into the dozens of Palestinian deaths that occurred along the Gaza border fence on Monday.

But the UNSC's draft statement on the matter calls into question its very ability to conduct such an investigation.

There are already a number of very clear pieces of evidence regarding the Gaza deaths, but the UNSC made rather clear that it has no interest in considering them.

In other words, the UNSC has already made up its mind about what it believes happened in Gaza, making any "investigation" little more than a charade to confirm its condemnation of Israel.

Otherwise, why would the UNSC's initial draft statement conclude that the Palestinian actions at the Gaza border were entirely "peaceful" when numerous videos posted online prove the exact opposite to be true?

Take for instance the following video posted by Al Jazeera during last week's Gaza protest. It shows a gang of men breach the security fence wielding machetes, meat cleavers and other weapons. As they march on nearby Jewish towns, these terrorists are heard chanting "Khaybar, Khaybar," a traditional Muslim battle cry recalling the massacre of an entire Jewish tribe by the Prophet Mohammed and his forces.

Monday's affair did not appear any more well-mannered:

Do those look like "peaceful protests" to you?

The UNSC would have you believe so. Here's the wording of its draft statement presented on Monday:

"The Security Council expresses its outrage and sorrow at the killing of Palestinian civilians exercising their right to peaceful protest. The Security Council calls for an independent and transparent investigation into these actions to ensure accountability."

Already from the get-go, the UNSC is proving itself to be either wholly incompetent as an investigator, or grossly biased against Israel in its willingness to unquestionably accept the Hamas version of events in spite of documented video evidence.

There's also the matter of Hamas leaders acknowledging for weeks already in public speeches that the goal of the Gaza fence protests is to breach the barrier and enter southern Israel en masse.

"We will break the walls of the blockade, remove the occupation entity and return to all of Palestine," declared Gaza-based Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, even as he, too, continued to label the protests a "peaceful" endeavor.

What people in the international community, including at the UNSC, tend to overlook is that there are a number of small Israeli towns and villages located less than a mile from the border with Gaza. If the violent mobs seen in the above videos were to reach those towns, we'd have a genuine massacre on our hands.

It's not a stretch to say that any nation, even those now condemning Israel, would do exactly the same (if not employ even more firepower) to protect its towns from such danger.


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