How You Can Help to Save the Life of This Israeli Woman

Israel Today is calling on all of our readers to get involved and help this Israeli wife and mother

By Yochanan Visser |

Yehudit Yashar is an Israeli woman born in 1962 and married at the age of 17. She became a mother at the age of 18 and gave birth to two other children.

In December 2018, her youngest son who was suffering from an aggressive form of brain cancer was told that the tumor had returned after earlier being treated with chemotherapy and radiation.

The following months Yehudit spent all her time in hospitals where she watched over her son until he passed away at the end of September 2019. He left behind a wife and two very young children.

Shortly before her son passed away, Yehudit didn’t feel well and visited a doctor who determined that she had a lung infection and gave her antibiotics. That didn’t help, however, she kept coughing and felt weak.

What followed could be described as the road to hell.

In December and January 2020, Yehudit again suffered what was thought to be a lung infection and was treated with antibiotics and an inhalation device, a therapy that should have improved her situation but it didn’t.

It was then decided that Yehudit should undergo a biopsy of her lungs to inspect two dark ‘clouds’ on the images of a CT scan.

At the end of February, Yehudit’s physician called and invited her and her husband to the hospital after which the lung expert told them that the results of the biopsy showed that she had Adenocarcinoma, a deadly form of lung cancer.

A month later, Yehudit’s oncologist decided that she would receive systemic treatment, a combination of chemotherapy and immunological therapy with a new medicine by the name of Keytruda.

After the first round of this systemic therapy, Yehudit almost lost consciousness when her blood pressure kept going down. A medical ambulance crew was called in and succeeded to stabilize her situation, but she kept feeling extremely sick.

Before the second round of the systemic treatment, Yehudit was told that a blood test determined that her mild form of Diabetes Mellitus had turned into the most severe form of the illness due to the steroids that were part of the systemic therapy.

She nevertheless underwent the second round of the systemic therapy and again felt extremely sick.

At this point in time, Yehudit and her husband reached out to two European physicians who use alternative therapies for the treatment and cure of lung cancer, after being in contact with the Israeli company Icecure, which has developed a method to deep freeze tumors after which they die.

One of them, the German radiologist Thomas Vogl, also performs a different kind of chemotherapy called Trans Arterial Chemoembolization (TACE). This chemotherapy doesn’t cause the severe side effects of standard chemotherapy because the treatment includes the closure of arteries that ‘feed’ the tumor, but also prevent the chemicals from spreading to other parts of the body.

At the beginning of May, Yehudit decided not to continue the systemic therapy and instead opted for the combination of TACE together with Icecure (Cryoablation) at the hospital of Professor Vogl, which is part of the University of Frankfurt.

Icecure, or Cryoablation, has been developed in Israel (Caesarea) but the treatment is isn’t available in the country yet for the treatment of lung cancer. The treatment entails freezing the tumor to a temperature of minus 170 degrees Celsius, after which the tumor dissolves.

The costs of the treatment together with the expenses of housing and transportation during the four-month-long therapy are more than 120,000 NIS (almost $35,000).

Yehudit is a very optimistic person and is beloved by her whole family. After the ordeal she went through, Yehudit feels that the therapy in Germany will cure her so that she can witness the weddings of her grandchildren.

You can help her realize this dream by donating here




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