“I have set before you life and good, death and evil”

Israel is on lockdown, but we can still make the most of the situation.

Israel is on lockdown to contain coronavirus.
Photo: David Cohen/Flash90

During these strange and unprecedented times, we’re finding ourselves forced into a new reality. We’re heading into the unknown.

We’re waking up to an entirely new world that we must become accustomed to anew and learn how to live within it.

Naturally, while we’re still making our way through the fogginess of such uncertain days, many are asking questions: Where will this lead our society? How long will it take? What will be the result?

It’s pertinent to understand that the unknown isn’t always bad.

Sometimes the uncertain leads us to an even better place than we were beforehand; one that wasn’t even considered within the realm of possibility.

It’s important to take advantage of this time that we now have at home, despite the unfortunate circumstances that brought us to this unexpected moment.

Although forced upon us, we should see these limitations as an opportunity that grants us quality family time. We can be with our children perhaps more often than usual.

Our daily preoccupations with our career, life’s unending pressures and the numerous goals that we are constantly striving to achieve have suddenly disappeared for the time being.

Look at the positive side of this seemingly dark hour and take advantage of your time at home to get to know your loved ones on a renewed and deeper level.

Utilize this time to reflect on your life and organize your thoughts and your life goals. This is a time to appreciate all that we have and to realize how little material needs are actually necessary for acquiring happiness in this life.

We may not realize it now, but there is a purpose for everything. There is a bigger picture to the current puzzle that we simply cannot see at the moment. We can certainly imagine it and believe that there is a great purpose at stake here.

We must stay focused on the present, coping with the situation one day at a time, in order to remain calm.

There is currently an anomalous event taking place—the coronavirus. On the face of things, it’s natural that it will arouse panic and fear deriving from its uncertainty.

However, there is also the chance to choose how we will interpret and choose to understand and react to this situation?

In every situation we have the freedom to choose how we wish to react. We can either choose to panic and turn this unpleasant situation into an even worse one. Or are we going to see this rare, historical moment as an opportunity for something positive?


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