IDF Home Front Launches New App

Advanced new system will provide Israelis with precise, real-time alerts and instructions

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After years of testing and millions of shekels invested, the Israeli army has finally replaced the outdated method of sending phone and text messages with a state-of-the-art mobile application to alert citizens of impending threats.

The new Israel Home Front app provides accurate and up-to-the-minute alerts, for instance when rockets are being fired from Gaza. The app can also be personalized to only provide alerts relevant to the area in which the user lives or his/her current location.

The new app is also faster and more precise because it is directly linked to the updates flowing through the IDF’s digital infrastructure. In fact, alerts should reach app users even before air raid sirens are sounded.

Following an alert, the app provides specific and detailed instructions regarding what those in danger should do next. And its not restricted to acts of terror. The Home Front Command is also responsible for public safety during natural disasters and other public emergencies.

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