IDF Preparing for Inevitable ISIS Attack

ISIS has built up a considerable force in the Sinai, and Israel is sure it will eventually turn against the Jewish state

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Recent violence in the Sinai Peninsula is raising a lot of questions in Israel’s defense establishment. Most notably, there is growing concern that the thousands of ISIS terrorists currently operating there against the Egyptian army could attack southern Israel.

Attacks on southern Israel from the Sinai are not unprecedented. Just five years ago, Sinai-based terrorists launched a multi-pronged attack on the main highway leading to the southern resort town of Eilat. Eight Israelis were killed.

That assault succeeded despite advanced warnings by Israeli intelligence and a bolstering of security forces in the region.

Given its numbers and resources, an attack by ISIS would likely be far more catastrophic.

The IDF isn’t waiting to find out. Military planners are busy envisioning the ways in which ISIS could try to assault southern Israel, and significant resources are being allocated to improving defenses in the southern part of the country, reported the NRG news portal.

Staying one step ahead of the terrorists is a never-ending battle of wits, but one that Israel’s military minds have come to excel at.

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