IN PHOTOS: ‘Peaceful’ Palestinian Protest at the Gaza Border

Palestinian mobs confronted Israeli soldiers at the Gaza border again at the weekend. Where they peaceful?

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The mainstream international media continues to portray the weekly protests at the Gaza security fence as “peaceful,” while ignoring clear evidence to the contrary.

Some will argue that these are youths wielding mere slingshots going up against well-armed soldiers. But two things must be remembered.

First, these photos do not reveal the full extent of the demonstrations. IDF sources, local residents and some news media have reported some Palestinians using firebombs and even guns against the Israelis.

Second, the media did recently feature (for days on end) the story of radical Jewish activists prosecuted for throwing stones at Palestinian cars, resulting in the death of a Palestinian Arab woman and mother. In other words, stones can kill.

Photos by Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash90.

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