MembersInspired by Dali

I was fascinated by an exhibition of the Spanish artist Salvador Dali at the Tel Aviv Port.

Photo: Israel Today

I have visited several of Dali’s shows over the years, and in every one, a wealth of new concepts adds to his endless range of creativity. Sometimes his pieces seem to come right out of Bible epochs touching on eternal truths.


At this exhibition, the Twelve Tribes were brought back to life recounting their daily struggles with God through styles, sculptures and sketches. They encompass a depth of perception, perspective and detail that stir the Jewish soul.


But more than anything, it was the writings on the wall that captured my attention—words that delve into the soul of an artistic genius who lived his life in tireless devotion to the creative journey.


Here is but a selection of the many Dali’s expressions that have stayed with me:


– “Time is fluid; it’s not fixed or rigid.”


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