Iran and its role in Palestinian unrest Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90
Middle East

Iran, Biden and the Unrest in Jerusalem and Gaza

Middle East journalists address the current Palestinian unrest and the role played by the Islamic Republic and the Biden Administration


Thousands of Arab rioters attacked Israeli security forces on the Temple Mount on Sunday, throwing rocks and fireworks at them. This comes after a weekend of riots in Jerusalem, which lead to a further escalation on Monday. Amid these developments, Hamas terror leader Ismail Haniyeh, a proxy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, warned Israel “not to play with fire in Jerusalem. Neither you nor your army nor the police can win this battle.” The question arises, does the Islamic Republic of Iran stand behind the recent unrest in Jerusalem?

Sirwan Mansouri, a Kurdish journalist based in the Middle East, considers it a very real possibility: “The ideological Iranian regime continues to support terror groups with money and arms, inciting the Palestinians time and again. It is not necessary for Iran’s regime to be present physically among the protesters, although they usually are. It is enough to persuade the people to act against Israel, to tell them that their land is occupied by Israel and that the Temple...


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