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MembersUkraine War Narrative: A Danger to Israel

The Palestinians are learning from the war in Europe that they need to strengthen their narrative. To do this, they distort facts

The Palestinians are keen to use the war in Ukraine to their benefit.
Photo: Twitter

The war in Europe presents striking parallels to the Palestinian narrative. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, a campaign has been unfolding on social media to “Ukrainize” the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

The campaign has seen the viral spread of new hashtags like: #UkraineRussiaWar, #PalestineUnderAttack, #DoubleStandards and #Palestine. It is clear that the Palestinians and their apologists are keen to capitalize, and were quick press their case on Facebook, Twitter and the like.

There is growing concern that the Ukraine war narrative could ultimately harm Israel. The Jewish state is already being compared to the Russian aggressor, and a scenario of similarly drastic sanctions against Israel is not unthinkable.

The Palestinians watch with fascination as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been hyped as a global hero within a very short space of time. He managed to mobilize global public opinion against Russia.

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