MembersIs Christmas a Jewish Holiday?

It seems Jewish tradition, rather than pagan influence, might have resulted in the accepted dating of Messiah’s birth

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“It’s not biblical to celebrate Christmas, and Jesus wasn’t born in December anyway!”

I hear not a few Christians upset over the fact that people celebrate the birth of Jesus because December 25th was a pagan holiday, so “true believers” best stay away.

To be clear, I do not celebrate Christmas, have a Christmas tree or take my kids to visit Santa. We have more than enough Jewish holidays in Israel already, thank you very much. But Christians don’t have that problem, and surely should have a chance to celebrate the coming of the Messiah they love.

Sometimes it sounds to me that in making the date of the Jesus’s birth so important and calling Christmas a “pagan holiday” they are passing unnecessary judgement on the millions of fellow Christians around the world who love Jesus and want to celebrate the miracle of his birth in Bethlehem – and they are missing the point.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the facts surrounding December 25 and Christmas traditions – you might...

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