MembersIsrael – A Biblical & Historical Survey, Part VI

by Dov Chaikin

Modern-Day Zionism

Itzik, an employee of the Herzl Museum stands next to a historical photograph of Theodor Herzl as he inspects the exhibition inside the museum on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. Photo: Zuzana Janku/Flash90

This is the sixth in a series of articles by Messianic teacher Dov Chaikin looking at the biblical and historical background of Israel, the people and the Land.


Throughout the ages, there was a trickle of Jews coming back to the Holy Land. But it was not until 1882 that the first mass wave of Jewish immigrants came to Palestine: young men and women, despairing of being able to integrate in their countries of birth, who ‘heard’ the Call to return Home. Often at exorbitant prices, the fallow and marshy fields were sold to those ‘crazy’ young pioneers, many of whom died of malaria in clearing the swamps. But clear them they did! Like their predecessors in centuries gone by—those who dreamed of returning to the Land of Promise, and those who actually did return—these young people were Zionists.


For the further evolvement of the Zionist ideal, we must shift our historical sights to Paris, France—where, in...

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