Israel Condemns Russian Invasion of Ukraine

“A serious violation of the international order. Israel stands ready to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine”

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Ukraine, Russia
People in Poland protest Russia's renewed aggression against its neighbors.
People in Poland protest Russia's renewed aggression against its neighbors. Photo: EPA-EFE/RAFAL GUZ

Israel has for the first time since the Russia-Ukraine crisis began unequivocally condemned the actions of Moscow.

At a press conference in Jerusalem on Thursday morning, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid stated:

“The Russian attack on Ukraine is a serious violation of the international order. Israel condemns the attack, and is ready and prepared to provide humanitarian assistance to the citizens of Ukraine.

“Israel is a country that has experienced wars, and war is not the way to resolve conflicts. The first hours and days of any war are also the last time you can still stop and return to the negotiating table, mediated by world powers, to settle disputes peacefully.”

Lapid also stressed that Israel maintains “deep, long-lasting and good relations with both Russia and Ukraine.”

Shortly after, Deputy Economy Minister Yair Golan told Israeli public radio that while Jerusalem remains wary of complicating its relationship with Russia in light of the situation in Syria, there was no choice at this point but to condemn Moscow.

“There is a concern of ruining ties and harming the coordination with Russia when it comes to Syria,” Golan said. “But at this point of its attack on Ukraine, we must condemn it strongly.”

In the afternoon hours, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett spoke at a ceremony marking the graduation of IDF military cadets. He noted that with the increased instability in the region due to the Russian-Ukraine war, Israel stands out even more than ever as an “anchor of stability and hope.”

Russia launched a multi-pronged assault on Ukraine early Thursday morning, with missile and airstrikes on major cities, including the capital of Kiev, and ground incursions, including amphibious landings on the Black Sea.

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