Israel Launches Manhunt for Local ISIS Members

At least 12 Israeli Arabs with ties to the jihadist horde are arrested in overnight raids

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Terrorism, ISIS
Israeli protesters demand harsher security measures against the "enemy within" after local Arabs with ties to ISIS kill 6 Israelis in two shocking terror attacks. Photo: Flash90

In the wake of two deadly terrorist attacks over the past week, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has ordered Israeli security forces to hunt down any local members or admirers of the Islamic State (ISIS).

Both the Beersheva stabbing attack last week and Sunday’s shooting spree in the central town of Hadera were perpetrated by Israeli Arabs who either espoused ISIS ideology or had pledged allegiance to the Islamist group.

The rise of “Islamic State supporters in Israel requires the security forces to adapt quickly to a new threat,” said Bennett on Monday before instructing Israel’s security services to use administrative detention to hold ISIS suspects without trial.

Overnight Monday, the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet – local equivalent of the FBI) and the Israel Police arrested at least 12 local Arabs with suspected ties to ISIS. The arrests and additional house searches mostly took place in Nazareth and the Lower Galilee region.

Officials said Israel would also be imposing harsher prison sentences on anyone convicted of joining ISIS or promoting the group’s violent ideology.

The Beersheva stabber and the two terrorists involved in the Hadera shooting had all previously been jailed for various terror-related crimes, including ties to ISIS.

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