Israel Lays Bare Iran’s Secrets, Dares the World to Actually Do Something About It

Netanyahu tries to again embarrass world leaders to act against Iranian violations they all know are happening

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The international community has not been forthcoming about the true extent of Iran's nuclear program.

That was the message forcefully delivered to the UN General Assembly on Thursday by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who added that no effort to conceal the truth of the matter would escape Israel's watchful eye.

Repeating his new favorite tactic of presenting the world body with visual aids as though they were uneducated school children, Netanyahu held up a picture clearly labeled "Iran's Secret Atomic Warehouse."

"Iran has not abandoned its goal to develop nuclear weapons," said Netanyahu, urging the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to "do the right thing. Go and inspect this atomic warehouse immediately, before the Iranians finish cleaning it out."

He warned that "what Iran hides, Israel will find."

And, more than that, Israel will hold the international community accountable for failing to take those findings seriously.

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