Israeli Women Urge Ivanka Trump to Help Negotiate Mideast Peace

Large women’s movement calls on Ivanka to take leading role in Israeli-Arab peace negotiations

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The Israeli grassroots movement “Women Make Peace” has sent a letter to Ivanka Trump urging her to take a significant role in the efforts of her father’s administration to bring peace to the Middle East.

The Israelis noted that as a mother, a successful businesswoman, and her father’s most trusted adviser (some would say she’s the most powerful woman in the US), Ivanka is among the most qualified people in Washington to oversee Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

Women Make Peace is a movement of thousands of Israeli women from across the political spectrum and including both Arabs and Jews. They are frustrated with the government’s handling of the peace process and Palestinian terrorism.

Last October, they conducted a “March of Hope” outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem.

In their letter to Ivanka, the Israeli women congratulated her husband, Jared Kushner, for being named President Trump’s frontman for the Middle East. And they insisted she must also be involved.

“We wish your husband success in his role…and hope that together you can redirect your wisdom, negotiating skills and determination to bring about a political settlement between Israel and the Palestinians,” the women wrote. “We, the women of Israel, will do everything possible to help.”

Avital Brown, the activist who wrote the letter, said it’s timing was no coincidence. Netanyahu was scheduled to meet with President Trump on Wednesday, and the Israeli women feel there is only a very narrow window of opportunity to take drastic new action if another war is to be avoided.

PHOTO: Hundreds of women peace activists demonstrate outside Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem last October. (Flash90)

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