MembersIsraelis Await US Election With Bated Breath

It is by now not news, but still a surprising phenomenon that such a small country like Israel is such a major campaign issue in US presidential elections.

By Tsvi Sadan, David Lazarus & Ryan Jones |

At the same time, Israelis can’t get enough of the American political spectacle, and are glued to the race between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. In fact, the US election easily garners as much attention as national elections in Israel.


Unsurprisingly, right-wing Israelis are by-and-large rooting for Trump, or at least against Clinton, while leftists want to see a Democrat sitting in the White House.


Israel Today surveyed attitudes in the Israeli media and among local politicians with just weeks to go before what many believe to be the most fateful US election in recent memory.



Make America Great Again?


Right-wing Israeli journalist Amnon Lord, writing for the online news portal NRG, sees in Trump a refreshing, if not bizarre, antithesis to the stifling political corruption that permeates Washington.

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