MembersIt’s Time to Quarantine Gaza

Another Friday passed uneasily along the border with Gaza.

By Edy Cohen |
Will a quarantine stop the production of bombs in Gaza? Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash90 Photo: Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash90

Two Palestinians were killed as they approached the fence to set explosive charges and sabotage the thin barrier separating the terrorist-ruled coastal enclave from the Jewish state. Israel has tried nearly everything it can think of over the past 14 years to achieve quiet on this southern frontier, but without success. There is, however, one measure we could impose if our politicians weren’t so fearful of the global diplomatic backlash: an international quarantine.

I tried evacuating all Jews from Gaza; Israel tried supplying Gaza with most of its basic needs; Israel tried punishing Hamas with strong military responses to cross-border violations. These measures only resulted in more terror, violence and border riots. It’s time for Israel to fully take matters into its own hands.

What would a quarantine look like? After declaring the measure, Israel would shut down its Gaza liaison office, cancel all coordination with the Palestinian Authority regarding Gaza, and hermetically seal all border crossings into the coastal enclave. Emergency food and medical supplies could still reach Gaza via its border crossing with Egypt. But any and...

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