MembersKatie Hopkins: Resisting the Oppression of Multiculturalism

On her website (, Katie Hopkins–British media personality and newest member of The Rebel Media–expresses quite candidly her disdain for the anti-Israel bias of the mainstream media and its liberal gospel.

By Tsvi Sadan |
Photo: Flickr

Recently she wrote: “I am a Christian conservative. And I will not stand by and watch people – of any walk of life – who love their country be oppressed by mandatory multiculturalism… We will resist the narrative. We find our truths. We get furious. And we fight back.” And fight back furiously she has. Hopkins caught our attention following her visit to Israel last July, when her pro-Israel voice was heard clearly over the familiar sound of the anti-Israel media choir.

Israel Today: You write for The Rebel Media, labeled by Wikipedia as driven by a far-right anti-Muslim agenda. Is this a fair description?
Hopkins: It’s not fair. We have this way of putting a label on something so that we can ignore it. They put the badge “far-right” to mean you can ignore these people. Despite this, The Rebel is growing. We have one million subscribers on YouTube. We are breaking through the labels.

What’s your take on the antisemitism scandal surrounding UK Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn? I am not Jewish, but it’s been unbelievable...

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