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“Rabbi, you are the Son of God, you are the King of Israel!” (John 1:50).

By Gershon Nerel |
Photo: Chen Leopold/flash90

Straightforwardly, the Apostle Nathanael, also known by the name Bartholomew, immediately recognized both the divinity and the kingship of the Lord Yeshua. This happened after the latter told Nathanael “when you were under the fig tree, I saw you” (John 1:51). Probably, Yeshua saw Nathanael from a far distance, when he was studying the Scriptures or praying.

A native of Cana in the Galilee (John 21:2), Nathanael was one of the first who identified the Lord Yeshua beyond the vaguely awaited “Messiah.” Nathanael deeply perceived that Yeshua descended from his heavenly Father and had full divine authority. Thus, even without seeing the remarkable miracles of Yeshua, such as healing and feeding thousands of people, and without listening to any of his teachings, Nathanael instantly enthroned Yeshua as the sovereign spiritual ruler of Israel. The Holy Spirit opened his eyes to realize who Yeshua really was.

Nathanael, “an Israelite in whom there is no deceit” (John 1:47), promptly grasped that Yeshua was the Holy One of Israel (קדוש ישראל), the perfect divine Savior of the Jews. The appellation Holy One of Israel was...

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