Non-Binary and Trans: Do Genders Exist, or Is It a Social Construct?

Challenging the Christians’ urge to ‘reverse’ instead of ‘transform’ might be the missing link to redemption.

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The Bible makes it pretty clear that a marriage covenant is between a man and a woman. Photo by Michal Fattal/Flash90
The Bible makes it pretty clear that a marriage covenant is between a man and a woman. Photo by Michal Fattal/Flash90

Hanging out with a Christian friend of mine, she blurted out a sentence that, as a millennial, I have heard from secular sources but never from one who professed faith in Jesus:

“Sexuality is a spectrum; it’s fluid.”

By now, I knew better than to engage in every opportunity to biblically challenge an opinion by saying, ‘show me how God agrees with you.’

I understood what she meant. She didn’t believe in ‘gender roles’ and thought that it’s natural to be attracted to both male and female since there is ‘a little bit of male and female in all of us.’

Furthermore, she would consider herself a feminist and that women can choose to be and do whatever they want.

I’m not against males’ temperament being more feminine and the opposite, and I believe that women can do anything God calls them to.

But are sexuality and gender a spectrum? Are there only two genders, or are we missing something?

In the past, most health professionals would recognize the symptoms of identity confusion, trauma, social pressures revolving around puberty, and emotional turmoil and call it: gender dysphoria.

Now? What used to be a medical diagnosis of poor mental health is put on a pedestal. Patients are no longer receiving help to understand that they are, in fact, the sex they were born with and that what they feel does not dictate reality. Instead, they are applauded for being ‘brave’ enough to live ‘their true self,’ and even encouraged as pre-pubescents to take puberty blockers and cut off their body parts. No joke.

In the United States alone, there are 1.4 million who identify as transgender.

Furthermore, there is an opinion rapidly growing in popularity that everyone has a ‘sex assigned to them at birth,’ but that your gender is whatever you feel it is, and that typical ‘male and female’ genders are only a social construct. Apparently, men can be women; women can be men, and the only qualification to be either-or is if you identify as one, although no one can define what a man or woman is anymore., the national center for transgender equality, says there are also those who are neither, also known as non-binary:

The idea that there are only two genders is sometimes called “gender binary,” because binary means “having two parts” (male and female). Therefore, “nonbinary” is one term people use to describe genders that don’t fall into one of these two categories, male or female


Is God male and female?

Many have questioned whether or not God is both male and female, or mostly male mixed with a dash of female. In the Old and New Testament, which is written in Hebrew and Greek, God has always referred to Himself in masculine form. The only exceptions are where the Holy Spirit is referred to as feminine since the word ‘wind/spirit’ in Hebrew is feminine, and when female analogies are used.

God, in Hebrew, is ‘Elohim,’ which is plural for ‘god,’ and it is written that Adam and Eve, who God made male and female, are created in His image, putting an interesting spin on the question of God having gender as humans would understand it.

Some would also argue God Himself is transgender, since God in Hebrew is plural, completely ignoring the Holy Trinity and placing God in a category with mere humans.

But there is one verse, which, no matter how one tries to spin it, doesn’t leave much to debate:

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24)

This one simple verse puts to rest many speculations about God’s intentions for humanity. Clearly, there are fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, and the only option given to unite as one flesh under a marriage covenant is between a man and a woman.

Where is the spectrum my friend was talking about? Not quite sure.


Confusion in creation

God made humankind with the ability to create and procreate – His unique gift to us, to partake in the glorious cycle of life and discover just how much God loves us through our love for our children.

But when man’s mind becomes deprived, man is left with his pseudo-creation, a twisted version where man is not made in the image of God – but rather, man IS God.

I would argue that even the physical act of procreation proves God’s sovereignty and His intentions since only a woman with a healthy womb and a man with a healthy seed can procreate.

But now, in some places, there is even no such thing as pregnant women, but only ‘birthing persons’ since there are transgender ‘men’ who have not undergone bottom surgery or had their wombs removed and still have the ability to get pregnant.

And scientists are still working on creating artificial wombs so that biologically born men can carry a baby.

If you’re as frustrated as I am, you are right to be. As of 2023, there are between 72-122 gender identities with no end in sight.

What is a man? What is a woman?

Perhaps my opinion is nothing new to most Bible-reading Christians and Messianic Jews – most agree there are two genders and anything else is the result of a fallen world and outside God’s natural order and will. But what is constantly renewing and changing is the world’s definition of genders. For that, mature and compassionate believers need to be able to provide an answer, if anyone can. So seek one.

What is the answer? Do to others as you would have done to you. I wish I could say I was better at ‘practicing what I preach’, but this very week I’ve been reminded to truly listen to the other side, above my opinions, my right to be right, my defenses, and my pride – truly humble myself and listen.

Perhaps this is the most basic and seemingly shallow answer to provide, it doesn’t address how to ‘reverse’ the confusion, and it shouldn’t. Rather, it aims to love people with no agenda – true ‘trans-formation.’ It most likely doesn’t involve arguing hours on end about physicality, DNA, attraction, pro-choice, human rights, feminism or equality – it requires something softer to the touch, more gentle to a raw and defensive soul.

It protects, guides, listens, invites, lovingly confronts, stabilizes, anchors, and provides peace, patience, love, and comfort many may not experience anywhere, let alone amongst God-fearing believers – one of the last places they would expect to find it.

Perhaps you, the reader, are their only source and point of connection to godly love on earth, and apart from you, there is not much connection to the true Creator, the only One who can tell them who they truly are.

What is a man? What is a woman? Apart from biology, the answer for some might be a lifelong discovery process – to the heterosexual and the arguably 71-122 gender identities alike.

My encouragement?

“God, who are you? Who am I?” – the answer will come.


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One response to “Non-Binary and Trans: Do Genders Exist, or Is It a Social Construct?”

  1. Noemi Ortega says:

    Wow! What was this article about? I am seriously confused. If you don’t know what gender you are biologically (can always take a DNA test) then logically, one would surmise that these people are mentally unwell. To embrace their ideology by “loving” them is a big mistake. My assumption from reading this article is to love and ACCEPT these types of feelings. Because its about how you FEEL. Feelings are everything and is the operative word I keep reading Ignoring God’s many examples regarding this doctrine is to spit on His Word. Yes, we are taught not to hate but we are also taught not to surrender nor accept these anti-biblical FEELINGS. Whatever happened to being God’s servant? Or, for that matter, obtaining solid psychiatric help? Because these poor souls surely need it! Enabling this behaviour will not solve anything. And believe me, here in the USA they are not alone, helpless or defenseless. Most of them are on the offensive.

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