Members“O Jerusalem”

A Christ-Centered perspective on Jerusalem by David Lazarus, an Elder of Beit Immanuel Messianic Jewish Congregation in Tel Aviv.

By David Lazarus |
The supermoon rises over Jerusalem's Old City walls on November 14, 2016. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90 Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Throughout its fabled history, through Psalms, Prophets and Prayers, the city of Jerusalem has sustained an unwavering passion in the hearts of Israel’s people. Home to the temple of God, and to the palaces of kings, she has been at once holy ground for sacred worship to the Sovereign Lord, and the city of the great King, from the royal house of David (cf. Psalms 48).


For thousands of years, through captivity and exile, her people have mournfully dreamed of returning to her gates, the security of her towering walls. For in those noble courts of Jerusalem alone are the fortunes of Israel to be found, her aspirations and hopes. O Jerusalem, in you Ezekiel and Isaiah saw the glory of their prophetic anticipations, the fulfillment of the ideal Messianic kingdom. It is your destiny, O Center of the Earth (Ezek. 5:5), to become the pinnacle of world-wide worship as the nations come up to your gates with thanksgiving, and enter your courts with praise.


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