Off-Duty American-Israeli Soldier Killed in Terror Stabbing

Despite being unarmed, young soldier on leave bravely rushed to aid other victim of fatal terrorist stabbing

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Tuvia Yanai Weissman, 21, an off-duty IDF soldier who immigrated from the United States, was stabbed and killed by two Palestinian children on Thursday.

Weissman was shopping with his wife, Yael, and their four-month-old child, Neta, at a supermarket north of Jerusalem that prides itself on the coexistence demonstrated by its mixed Jewish-Arab staff and clientele.

Yael Weissman later told Israeli media that Tuvia heard screams as the two child terrorists stabbed another Jewish shopper and he ran to help, despite being unarmed at the time.

In the course of his brave action, Tuvia suffered fatal stab wounds and was later pronounced dead, leaving behind his childhood sweetheart and their baby girl.

The two attackers were ultimately stopped by an armed civilian who rushed into the store and shot them. One of the 14-year-old attackers was killed, and the other remains hospitalized.

The US State Department later confirmed that Weissman was an American citizen and condemned the attack “in the strongest possible terms. …There is no justification for terrorism.”

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