Oh, the Irony! Palestinian Museum Opens With No Exhibits

Of course, “Palestine” has no history, so an empty museum celebrating its culture is very fitting

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The Palestinian Authority last week officially opened The Palestinian Museum of Art, History and Culture just outside their de facto capital of Ramallah.

Now, as those who take historical accuracy seriously are aware, the people today known as “Palestinian” Arabs bear no distinction from the Arabs living in the nations roundabout, nations that only gained their current borders and distinct nationalities in the past century.

As such, there is no distinct “Palestinian” history or culture.

And, so, it was absolutely fitting that The Palestinian Museum of Art, History and Culture opened its doors with NO EXHIBITS.

The facility, which cost a whopping $24 million, was described as modern and luxurious by The New York Times.

The newspaper spoke to the museum’s chairman, Omar al-Qattan, who confirmed that he had opened the doors of an empty building. But, al-Qattan insisted, the move was of symbolic importance.

He and other Palestinian officials said they hope to at some point put actual exhibits in the museum.

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