One Hebrew Word Explains This Present Pandemonium
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One Hebrew Word Explains This Present Pandemonium

Why do we tend to only blame others for all the troubles that have come upon us?


As the world spins faster and faster around mounting problems and chaos, with no wisdom or reprieve in sight, the real cause of all our troubles can be summarized in one Hebrew word: Eicha.

It means Lamentations and it’s the title of the book we read on the eve of Tisha B’Av, Judaism’s annual fast in remembrance of the major catastrophes that occurred in Jewish history, including the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem. But the concept of Eicha in scripture appears throughout Jewish history.


Can we blame our leaders?

When Moses is beside himself, unable to cope with the people, he laments: “Eicha – How can I bear your struggles alone?” (Deut. 1:12). Surely no one can blame Moses for lacking dedication to his people or being unwilling to meet the challenges of leadership. Known affectionately to the Jewish people as “Rabainu”(Our Rabbi), Moses faced overwhelming odds and challenges that would have crushed most leaders, but still he pressed forward to...


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